Statewide Health Improvement Program Annual Meeting

My state has a wonderfully active and progressive Health Department. I had the good fortune to graphic record in three capacities at their latest conference on Statewide Health Improvement Programs.

For “Changing the Narrative,” I followed captured a half day training regarding MN’s new initiative to achieve “Better Health Together” by examining unconscious biases, and to reflect on whose narrative has shaped health policy and language, and whether that should be the case going forward.

For “Success Stories” I stationed myself in a central area where conference attendees could walk up and share projects and initiatives they’d been proud to complete in their regions. The resulting chart both demonstrates how productive our health department has been in 2017 but allows for cross-pollination of ideas, approaches and objectives.

For “Chalk Talk” I documented a workshop led by famed street photographer Wing Young Huie, in which he guided participants through a series of activities aimed at helping them confront their own narratives and those they’d subconsciously formed of others.

MN Department of Health Statewide Health Improvement Program
Graphic Recorder:
Drawn Well LLC
Photographer/Workshop Presenter:
Wing Young Huie