Bar Brigade Mural

Multi-hit wonder restauranteur Matty O’Reilly, and his brilliant chef partner/friend J.D. Fratzke teamed up on an accessible, vegetal and affordable French concept in the the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul. Matty and J.D. had a vision for a place that would celebrate seasonal harvests in homage of the post-war 1920’s Parisian lifestyle, with an eye toward serving the surrounding neighborhood as a wine bar and hangout. Bar Brigade was a hit from Day 1; you’re going to want to make reservations or walk in right at opening time.

Drawn Well was brought in the enliven the stairwell connecting the compact dining room with its subterranean wine cellar and restrooms. With Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast in hand, I was given carte blanche to bring to life those risk-taking luminaries from around the globe who descended upon Paris between 1921 and 1925, and document their favorite haunts from the Les Duex Magots to the Shakespeare and Company bookshop.

Bar Brigade, restauranteur Matty O'Reilly
Creative Direction:
Matty O'Reilly & J.D. Fratzke
Acrylic paint/pens from Montana, Molotow and Cutter
Photo Credit:
Cait Abrams
Mural Painter:
Drawn Well LLC